Pruning last week…

We enjoyed working with a couple beautiful maple trees in Dover. All they needed was a little TLC to highlight their perfect structure and form.

And that’s one of our specialties – pruning trees.

A well-formed, healthy tree is a beautiful addition to any landscape. In urban settings, trees sometimes require a little help in matters of shape, safety and strength. Dead-wooding mitigates the danger of falling limbs and reduces disease. Crown thinning allows more light into a specific tree, landscape, or home. A crown reduction (but not topping!) helps rein in a tree and make it more manageable. And pruning, in general, helps to enhance the natural shape of a tree, bringing the beauty of its curves to the fore.

Tree pruning is not a simple endeavor. A saw in untrained hands can have lasting, adverse effects on tree health. When a limb is removed, a wound is created. This puts the tree at risk for disease and infection. Thus, limbs must be pruned in a manner that promotes healing. And the cardinal sin in any tree work is topping. For a variety of reasons, shorter trees are often desired in the managed landscape. However, simply bringing the tree back down to size by topping shortens the lifespan of the tree and ensures a future of hazard limbs. There are means of making a tree more manageable, but topping is not an acceptable tree pruning practice.

Ty brought his camera into the trees to share his bird’s-eye view of our working world.

Dover, ID

Beautiful Maples, Located in Dover, ID