About Sand Creek

Meet the Sand Creek Tree Service crew…

Tyler Quintano, Sand Creek Tree ServiceTyler Quintano worked across the West and in Alaska as a Forest Technician and served as a sawyer with the Chena Hotshots wildland fire crew. His experience over the last 15 years ranges from fuels management to general forest health, technical tree pruning and hazard tree removal. Tyler has been climbing trees professionally since 2008 and is the ISA Certified Arborist at Sand Creek Tree Service. His first word as a child was “tree.”

Jen Jackson Quintano, Sand Creek Tree ServiceJen Jackson Quintano has been leading crews eradicating invasive trees in the Escalante River Basin since 2006. The project utilizes chainsaws, handsaws and riparian-area-friendly herbicides. She is co-owner of Sand Creek Tree Service, which allows her to learn more about tree care than just how to remove them. She likes running chainsaws and loves writing, her life-long passion.

Jeremiah Riffel is the newest climber in the saddle at Sand Creek Tree Service, working with us since 2016. He is an experienced sawyer, but using a chainsaw fifty feet in the air is a new and exciting venture. Jeremiah is a Sandpoint native who enjoys hunting and training German shepherds. He’s the hardest worker we’ve ever met, and we feel like we’d be lost without his strength and boundless energy.

Sylvan Quintano is a welcome addition to the Sand Creek Tree Service team. For now, her services are limited to collecting hemlock cones and running circles around the cedars. Somebody’s got to do it, and the trees appreciate it. Her name means, “one that lives in or frequents the woods.” And it’s true. She does.


Sand Creek Tree Service is located in Sandpoint, Idaho, and is licensed and insured. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction, onsite safety, tree health, and putting in a hard day’s work. And we value honesty and reliability because, at the end of the day, our clients are also our neighbors and friends.