FREE Wood Chips and Logs!

Want wood chips or logs? We’ve got you covered…

Hey Sandpoint-area property owners! We’ve got an offer for you: free wood chips and logs! If your property is conveniently located and trailer accessible, delivery of chips and logs is free of charge. Loads vary by size and content, so we will contact you ahead of time to see if our offerings meet your needs. In the meantime, call us if you’re interested in getting added to our list. We’ll need an address and a good number at which to reach you.

free wood chips and logs
Wood chips are a great help in the garden.

Of course, a load of logs is a great way to jumpstart your firewood collection for the year. And you can’t beat free delivery. As far as wood chips go, they’ve got multiple applications: mulching, composting, creating pathways, use as animal bedding, erosion control, padding under playground equipment, and more. If you have questions about using wood chips as mulch (because it is a complicated subject), this site is a great place to start.

Sharing the byproducts of our work—both logs and chips—is a win-win situation. You help us by providing a drop site for material that needs a home, and we help you with your homesteading efforts. Give Jen a call today at 208-920-3564 and get on our list for the coming season. We’ll have a bounty of logs and wood chips before you know it.

Also, share this information with your friends. We have plenty of material to go around.

Sometimes we can accommodate preferences related to specific tree species and size, but the less picky you are, the more likely you are to receive deliveries from us. We’ll do our best to work together to make everyone happy.