A Stump Removal Recommendation

Stump removal isn’t one of our offerings, but we have a suggestion…

Occasionally, we are asked about stump removal by our clients. Unfortunately, we don’t own a stump grinder. However, we know a guy. And we highly recommend him.

Nathan Baker is the owner of Seven Bakers (7B) Stump Removal, a Sandpoint-based business. He is reliable, fair, responsible, and efficient. He’s also an all-around good guy. You can’t go wrong by calling him. Nathan was our first employee when he moved here six years ago, and we’re happy to see him thriving.

stump removal

One added bonus of going with Nathan is that his stump grinder is more compact and portable than most, allowing him to work in tight spaces and unconventional settings, including around irrigation lines, landscaping, and structures.

Our typical approach to a stump is to cut it nearly flush with the ground. If the tree in question is far from the house, this usually suffices. Another approach is to leave the stump high as a pedestal for a flowerpot or birdbath. Sometimes, though, clients want to landscape over the area where the tree once stood. In that instance, stump grinding is the correct approach.

We recommend Seven Bakers to all of our clients. To contact Nathan, go to 7BStumps.com, email 7BStumps@gmail.com, or call 406-550-3653.

And, of course, for all your other tree-related needs, we’re happy to help.