Photo Gallery

Sand Creek Tree Service Photo Gallery

That stretch between tops? It’s basically arborist yoga.
At work on a beautiful autumn day.
A panoramic view is needed to capture the entirety of this complex worksite.
Bombs away!
Silhouette of climber and tree.
A forest thinning project at the midway point, highlighting before and after.
Delivering a load of wood chips…and Jeremiah.
Tree felling ahead.
Catching our breath after removing the top from this technical tree.
Sometimes we employ magic instead of chainsaws to cut down trees.
There are times climbing just won’t cut it, and we need to bring in a lift.
Hazard Tree Removal photo
Though this ponderosa removal job afforded great views of the lake, it also induced nightmares.
high in tree photo
Sometimes all the limbs have to come down before the tree does.
high in tree 2 photo
Two tall tops tend to create twice the work.
Though we have good climbers on staff, some trees are better suited to mechanical approaches.
chipper and spruce and ryan
This hairy spruce gave our chipper a good workout.
Watch out below!
forest thinning Jen photo
Jen rests atop the fruits of her labor amidst a forest thinning project.
crane photo
Some trees have to come up before they come down in order to keep homes safe.
pondo climbing rounds
Ponderosa firewood, anyone?
maple pruning
Pruning a maple in downtown Sandpoint.
Ryan and Tyler
The Sand Creek Tree Service version of “American Gothic.”
Ryan in tree
Two climbers in the same tree makes for better photo ops.
We spend a lot of our time in the sky.
Jen vs. the cottonwood. Jen won.
Our z-line system makes lowering limbs safer and more efficient.
Sky-high selfie.
in a willow
Pruning a willow tree along the Pend Oreille River.
Removing a hazard limb from a ponderosa.