Forest Thinning

Dog hair belongs on your pet, not in your forest.

Thinning increases forest accessibility and is aesthetically pleasing—creating the “parked out” effect. It also promotes individual tree health by reducing competition for nutrients and light. And thinning a forest can mitigate the risk of wildland fire and resultant property damage. 
There’s a term for the impenetrable tree stands common in North Idaho: “dog hair.” This density of trees is often the result of a disturbed forest (usually clearcut) that is allowed to grow back without any intervention. The trees tend to shoot up in reckless abandon. And if this happens on your property, suddenly you have overcrowded, unhealthy trees that are a fire danger.
In the summer months, we are on-call to fight wildland fire. With over 15 years working in the field of fire suppression, we are uniquely qualified to assess your home’s defensible space and your property’s tree spacing. North Idaho is not immune to the threat of forest fires. As an ISA Certified Arborist, Tyler can talk to you about issues of forest density and tree health. As wildland firefighters, we can discuss fire mitigation strategies. We can help with your preparedness and peace of mind.

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“Tyler and Jen are the best: professional, knowledgeable, and pragmatic in how they approach a project. I have a huge job that they have been helping me make progress on over the past few years. They put together a plan of action to help me manage the expense of such a project, which made the whole thing possible. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

~Amy P., Sandpoint~

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