Hazard Tree & Limb Removal

The Hazard Removal Process

hazard removal z-line
Our new z-line system for lowering limbs makes us safer and more efficient, bringing branches away from your house and toward our chipper.

Tree removal is often a hazardous endeavor, especially in a neighborhood setting. Structures, fences, vehicles, decks, and other trees must be avoided as the tree is brought down. However, it’s better to have a highly trained arborist remove a tree in a controlled manner than to have that dead, rotting or leaning tree come down on its own. Controlled hazards are preferable to unmitigated ones.

crane hazard removal
Some trees have to come up before they come down in order to keep homes safe.

Sometimes we have to get waaaaaay up there before the tree can come down. Sand Creek Tree Service specializes in removing hazard trees in confined settings. We employ numerous methods to bring down trees and limbs in a controlled manner. In extreme situations, we hire a crane operator to lift limbs over structures and drop them in a safe zone. In most instances, we are able to use ropes and pulleys to lower limbs slowly, without causing any property damage. Tyler is a highly trained Class C Faller, meaning that he is also able to drop large trees safely and accurately, where there is a small window to do so.  You can rest easy knowing that your property is safe with us.