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we like trees. a lot.

Our love of all things trees is what got us into the arborist business, but we can’t save them all. Sometimes a tree has got to go. From technical pruning to hazard removals and more, we have your tree needs covered.

Tree removals

Tree removal is often a hazardous endeavor, especially in a neighborhood setting. Structures, fences, landscaping, and other trees must be avoided. 


In urban settings, trees sometimes require a little help in matters of shape, safety, and strength.

forest Thinning

Thinning increases forest accessibility, promotes individual tree health, and it can mitigate the risk of wildland fire and resultant property damage.

our story

Tyler and Jen Quintano are the backbone of Sand Creek Tree Service. Over the last decade, they’ve watched their business grow alongside the community and trees of North Idaho, ever grateful to call Sandpoint home. 

Sand Creek Tree Service

And now we offer locally sourced live-edge slabs! Check out our Sand Creek Slabs website for a look at our inventory.

our arborist updates

Musings on regional tree issues, business news, tree care advice, and more.

Topping Trees is Bad Practice

Topping Trees is Bad Practice

At least once a month, we get a request for topping someone's trees. The reasons are myriad: The tree is blocking the view, it's impinging on satellite service, it's deemed too tall and hazardous, or someone just likes the look. On the surface, topping doesn't seem...

Live Edge Slabs Now Available

Live Edge Slabs Now Available

Locally sourced live edge slabs are great for all your home projects... It's official: We're now in the business of selling live edge slabs! Throughout our years of arborist work, we've amassed a fine collection of logs—maple, walnut, cherry, birch and more—that are...

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